• Business Program FAQ

Soalan Lazim Program Perniagaan

What skills do I need to join this programme?

If you’re a passionate entrepreneur, willing to learn and venture into the spray paint business filed, this is for you! You are who we want, and you can make it big with us!

What if you’re not a student but would like to join?

You can still be a part of this amazing opportunity by joining through an educational institute!

How is the spray paint field doing despite the MCO?

Since we attract hobbyists, the MCO has in fact increased our sales, especially among those interested in spray painting during their free time. So, we are doing well! No worries, rain or shine, Samurai still stands!

What will be provided to me when I sign up?

You will be provided with a starter kit (graphic poster) and will qualify for many perks that this Business Opportunity offers.

How much will it cost me to join?

RM2000 in total. But wait, we have an exclusive early bird price offer going on! Don’t miss out!

How much can I potentially earn for the amount invested?

You can be eligible to gain 9 times return of investment based on how much you invest at the start!

What recognition is provided to those who complete the programme?

An official digital certificate. You’ll be a qualified spray artist!