• Mini Courses

Hello future spray artist! Welcome to the Samurai team! First and foremost, thank you for taking this step to step up your knowledge in the spray paint field. We, the Samurai team promise you a enriching course that will fill you with all you need to know about spray painting!

You will also be earning extra income with the knowledge you have learnt. So, you have got the best of both worlds! Wait no more, begin your journey of knowledge and extra income.

What you receive from each course

High Returns, Low Prices
Our mini course is offered at affordable prices, with good returns of course. We have specially designed this course based on market demand thus, ensuring you learn something that will bring you excellent return on investment!
We've Got Your Back
By joining our course, you’re officially a part of our Samurai family. We got your back and promise to give you constant guidance and marketing support throughout and even after you complete your course.
Don't Worry About Products Required
We provide you products needed for your course right after you register and make your payment. Get your exclusive hands on experience using our one and only Samurai products!

Gain valuable knowledge in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Discover and purchase a mini course
Step 2
Follow the purchased mini course lesson on our website
Step 3
Complete the course and obtain a digital certificate
Step 4
Decide to gain more knowledge on professional spray painting


What skills do I need for this course?

Skills? We got you covered on that part. All you need is the interest to learn and venture into the field of spray painting!

What can I gain from this course?

EXTRA knowledge that you can use for EXTRA income! You can become part of our spray artist team and generate income through ...

What is the next step after this mini course?

Well, we do have intermediate and advanced courses that you may want to sign up for, however it is entirely up to you, no obligations! It’s just a matter of how much you wish to learn and grow in the spray painting business.