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Samurai Plastic Primer 300ML

Facing the problem of paint peeled out easily from plastic products? Plastic Primer is the solution for you! It is sprayed on any plastic products as an undercoat before applying your favorite color coat. Samurai Plastic Primer serves as a protective layer to the plastic parts of your favorite bike.

● Its mixed ingredients allow it to stick to any type of plastics and it functions to bite the upper layer of paint.

● Also recommended for use on aluminum and galvanized steel.

● Guarantees sticks strong paint sprayed on it.

● Hide the scratches due to accidents.

● Protective layer to the plastic parts of your favorite bike.

● Useful as a protective layer.

Samurai Anti-Rust Primer U19 400ML

• Samurai focuses on repainting business

• It is an advance spray paint formulation specially made for DIY fanatics to get the best finishing to the wide range of surfaces.

• It works by penetrating deeply into surface and forms an air and water tight barrier

• Provides high anti corrosive protection and long-lasting durability

• No lead and chromate

• Good insulation against humidity

• Ideal use on new or slightly rusty surfaces to prevent further corrosion

• Non-Yellowing, Non-Cracking, Non-Tearing

• Guarantee highest product quality results, just like with a spray gun in a workshop.

• Easy to use, no extra equipment needed.

• Protected against corrosion and chemical materials.

• Resistant to natural chemicals

• Safe for use on all conventional paint systems.

• Increase the top coat adhesion.

• Weather Resistance

• Excellent abrasion resistance against scratches

• Good harness and adhesion

• Excellent coverage good hiding power

Samurai Spray Paint KP1 Putty Primer

Tip for best performance:

After you sand the surface with water and let it dry, spray slightly far from project for the first layer and wait 5 minutes. Then spray it normally with distance 15cm to avoid biting.