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Frequently Asked Question

Samurai is an aerosol paint specially formulated for motorcycles and other automotive uses.

Samurai is gasoline/petrol resistant. It won’t dissolve or fade when gasoline is poured on it as opposed to other brands. Samurai is also crack resistant. Since Samurai is used in motorcycles which are exposed to sun, rain and other weather factors, plastics or metals can expand and shrink thus making other paint crack. Samurai is flexible enough, so this does not happen, and paint integrity is maintained.

Samurai aerosol paints are all made in Malaysia. However, the formulation used by Samurai are from Japan.

If unused, all Samurai paints can be stored for years without being expired.

Most Samurai Paint products can withstand up to 190°C temperature. Our Hi-temp paint, however, can withstand a much higher temperature, approximately 600 °C.

The Samurai 2K allows ordinary people without professional painting training and equipment to get a professional, high quality and beautiful finish on their paint job. This includes the primer for the item and the top coat. Only Samurai has this system in the Philippines and technology is patented here and in different countries around the world.

Yes, we highly recommend sanding the items with 800/1000 grit sandpaper before painting, so the paint adheres better to the surface of the item being painted.

We recommend using sandpaper with 400 grits, ensuring both the sandpaper and the surface are wet. This sandpaper can be used on both metal and plastic surfaces.