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    • Truck bed
      Samurai 2K PU Truck Bed 2K07 & 2K08.
      Aerosol paint in the market basically are 1-Component aerosol paint, the different between 1-component (1K) and 2-component(2K) is 1K dry by solvent evaporation and 2K dry by chemical reaction, 1K poor gloss and 2K high gloss, very good abrasion resistance, 1K poor weather resistance and 2K good weather resistance, 1K rust easily and 2K anti-rust.

      1. Practice 2 in 1 concept (mix hardener and resin) in an aerosol can.
      2. Patented in Utility Innovation & Industrial Design in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.
      3. Formula ratio of heardener to resin is 1:2(compared to formula ratio of 1:4 in the market).
      4. Guarantee highest product quality results, just like with a spray gun in a workshop.
      5. Sprayed items can be dried in temperatures between -7°C to 40°C.
      6. V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant with international convention.
      7. Easy to use, no extra tools or equipment needed.
      8. All 2K products must be used in 4 hours after clicking the activator.

      Product Features:
      ● Protects the surface from scratches, impact and fading
      ● Weather and chemical resistant.
      ● Prevent rust for a long-lasting finish.
      ● Granular textured satin black: Prevents cargo from sliding
      ● Complete with 2K01 Topcoat Clear to prevent UV exposure

      Pot life : 4 hours
      Touch Dry : 45 minutes – 1 hour
      Complete dry : 7 days
      Intercoat : 8-10 minutes