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Water Transfer Film is gravure-printed with graphic image to be transfer onto an object. Ideal use to decorate items on three-dimensional surfaces by using a hydro tank / a vat of water. We have 10 different patterns to choose from as below:

1) Flames Fire
2) US Dollars
3) Black Skull
4) White Skull
5) Green Army Camo
6) Black Carbon Fiber
7) Silver Carbon Fiber
8) Burlwood Grain
9) Natural Wood Grain
10) Black Snakeskin

It is suitable to apply on any types of substrates including plastic, fiberglass, ceramic, metal and Wood.
The size of the Film is 1.0 m x 0.5 m.
The volume of WF05 Activator is 400ml.

How to apply?
Step 1: Clean the surface.
Step 2: Spray Undercoat colour
Step 3: Cut the desire transfer film size and tape the edge with masking tape.
Step 4: Put the film on the water.
Step 5: Spray activator
Step 6: Apply the object onto the transfer film.
Step 7: Clean the surface.
Step 8: Spray the object with clear coat.

Tips for success:
Matt surface of the transfer film facing towards you.
Spray around 2 layers of activator.
Clean the glue gently after done the water transfer.
Change water every time after finish water transfer.